The International Clinical Master in Basic Body Awareness Methodology. A Post-Graduate Study Programme in Mental Health Physiotherapy


Catalán - Matamoros Daniel
Madrid University Carlos III, Spain


This 1-year Master program is held at the University of Almeria (Spain). It is the development of the previous postgraduate education for physiotherapists in Basic Body Awareness Methodology (BBAM) that began in 2003 at Bergen University College (Norway) and has been followed by more than 130 physiotherapists from 28 countries. This clinical master program provides tools for physiotherapists to face the challenges of our society such as long-lasting musculoskeletal disorders and mental health problems which are current leading causes of disability. The master aims to understand how life experiences and diseases can foster lack of contact with the body, expressed in human movement and function. The structure of the Master builds on three important educational and therapeutic principles: 1) person centered, 2) health directed and 3) process oriented. This education involves the student and patient, providing practical skills and insight for professional and/or personal use. Our goal, when creating this university program, was to develop an educational program for mental health physiotherapists in need of professional skills, treating persons suffering from long-lasting muscle-skeletal and mental health problems, psychiatric disorders and psychosomatic problems. The goal was also to strengthen the physiotherapists’ identity, both from the professional and personal perspectives. The Master of Physiotherapy in BBAM is given during one year combining online courses and intensive practical teaching during blocks. The BBAM education has reached a strong international reputation and it has received a great support by many national physiotherapy associations and universities across the World.

November 30, 2022