Assessment Tools for the Study of the Effectiveness of Physical Exercise Interventions in Functionality of People with Mild Dementia


Vasileios Papatsimpas
Department of Physiotherapy/LANECASM, University of West Attica, Greece
Sotiria Vrouva
Department of Physiotherapy/LANECASM, University of West Attica, Head of Department of Physiotherapy, 401 General Army Hospital of Athens, Greece
Dimitra Moutafi
Pathological Department, General Hospital Konstantopouleio, Greece
George Krommidas
Vocation School, Greece
Daphne Bakalidou
Department of Physiotherapy, LANECASM Research Lab, University of West Attica, Greece


Exercise is often proposed as a non-pharmacological intervention in people with dementia, but evidence remains inconclusive about the effects on cognitive function. Several systematic reviews comment on the heterogeneity of the results due to the type and degree of dementia under consideration, the type of intervention exercise as well as the different assessment tools used. The aim of this study is to present assessment tools regarding the functionality of people with mild dementia in relation to therapeutic exercise and its effectiveness. Presentation of functionality assessment tools that can be used for research and clinical purposes and facilitate physiotherapists in clinical decisions: Senior Fitness Test (SFT), Berg Balance Scale (BBS) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (IADL). All the above tests have been proven valid and reliable in Greek population. The SFT is used for measuring functional fitness for both healthy seniors and people with dementia. It is suitable for both research and clinical purposes. BBS is a tool for assessing balance in the elderly; it has been tested for its reliability and validity in patients with various neurological diseases. IADL is suitable for the assessment of the complex activities of the daily life of the elderly. It is also a valid and reliable tool for assessment functions, in both healthy elderly and elderly patients with dementia.

November 30, 2022