A Review on Mathematical Models to Study the Growth of Population Over Time


Department Of Mathematics, Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab-140413, India


This article will present a review on the population of plants, creatures, and different living beings change over a long period of time and space and connect with their current circumstance; a subset of the major numerical method used by Adiga et. Al [1] in his article to aid the efforts of constant preparation and reaction. The pandemic of the Coronavirus addresses a massive global health crisis that has occurred during the last 100 years. Its financial, social and health sway continues to grow, and it is on track to become one of the most dreadful global disasters since the 1918 influenza and the world wars and furthermore concentrate on the increment in the quantity of individuals in population. The models of mathematics have greater role in the development of the life. The Bender, E.A. [2] introduce us with mathematical models by showing their work in an introduction to mathematical modelling in which we studied that the mathematical model established for a specific purpose and a part of everyday existence. Berry, Houston [3] also introduce us with Mathematical models for the growth of population with the time, the modeler makes remarks for the rate of birth, distribution of ages etc.

October 10, 2022