Mathematical Study and Simulation on Stenosed Carotid Arteries with the Help of a Two-phase Blood Flow Power Law Model


Pooja Maurya
Dept. Of Physical Sciences, MGCGV Chitrakoot Satna MP, India
Virendra Upadhyay
Dept. Of Physical Sciences, MGCGV Chitrakoot Satna MP, India
Surya Kant Chaturvedi
Dept. Of Biological Sciences, MGCGV Chitrakoot Satna MP, India
Dinesh Kumar
Dept. Of Mathematics, Govt. Polytechnic College Nawada Bihar, India


Present study is focused on a medical problem called stenosed carotid artery. Proposed problem is formulated with the help of a two-phase blood flow power law model. Non-Newtonian nature of blood is considered. Physical quantities have been expressed into tensorial form. Analytical and numerical methods are used to solve equations under taken boundary conditions. Effects of various parameters on blood flow like stenosis size, flow flux, resistance, haematocrit, pressure drop etc. have been studied and shown through various graphs. Impact of parameter k that ensures the nature of fluid, has been obtained with respect to different flow characters. A relation obtained between pressure drop and haematocrit which is helpful to predict fluctuation in blood flow during stenosis. A comparative study is also made with the other earlier theoretical models.

October 10, 2022