Mathematics of Nature


Anchal Bhatia
Mathematics (Division Mathematics, UIS)
Nishi Gupta
(Division Mathematics, UIS), University Institute of Sciences, Chandigarh University, Ghauran


It is a common belief that mathematics is a stupid hassle with no connection to lifestyles. Additionally, there may be a fable that arithmetic is a topic of test now not for everyday human beings as an alternative for a few unusual, eccentric, extreme, absent minded and bespectacled human beings with wrinkles on their foreheads who lead little or no social life. At the other mathematics is pretty thrilling and is determined in lots of elements of lifestyles and each person can take a look at and understand arithmetic if one believes in oneself. Mathematics has been concept of as a left cortical difficulty, and identified as ‘linear’, analytical, logical, hard, complicated, tough, and stupid. In reality, mathematics is a whole cortical-capability-problem that involves phrases, traces, commonplace feel, styles, symmetry, rhythm, space, association and the over-driving idea of fun. It's miles a key that would liberate many doorways and know-how the manner to awesome logical answers to reputedly impossible troubles. Now not simplest can it remedy equations and problems in normal lifestyles know how it is able to moreover express quantities and values exactly with no question or room for distinctive interpretation.

October 10, 2022