Transformative Reshaping: A Teaching and Learning Practice


Albert A. Pearsall III
University of the District of Columbia
Laurence Covington
University of the District of Columbia


Transformative Reshaping is a novel, research-based strategic approach to teaching and learning that aims to promote academic and professional success and enhance retention among students. This practice encourages providing students with opportunities to learn how to learn (metacognition), develop technical skills, and acquire essential non-technical abilities or soft skills. The cultivation of competent academicians, professionals, and life-long learners is the ultimate goal. Transformative Reshaping is a SoTL practice that was developed by Albert A. Pearsall III, Assistant Professor of Business at the University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDCCC), and Laurence Covington, Instructor of English, UDCCC from discussions with several college professors, reviews of literature, and classroom trial and error. It is based on the ACUE framework for college-level instruction (ACUE’s effective practice framework).

UDC Faculty Senate
September 8, 2022
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