Addressing Challenges of COVID-19 for Virtual College Nutrition Courses with Practicum Components


B. Michelle Harris
University of the District of Columbia


A combination of a review of the literature and a survey of practices by fellow Nutrition and Dietetics Program faculty at the University of the District of Columbia were conducted to discover ways to maintain student engagement in practicum courses required for a dynamic undergraduate Didactic Program in Dietetics. This reviewer found through a comprehensive examination of the literature, along with a survey of her program colleagues, that flexibility and planning provide the opportunity for faculty to improve lecture and practicum courses during a pandemic. Emphasis on a high level of engagement enabled students to maintain their ability to apply the theory covered in their nutrition courses to practical problems. This approach will prepare students to enter post-graduate supervised practice and entry into careers as registered dietitians and licensed nutritionists with the confidence and skills that they need to succeed.

UDC Faculty Senate
September 8, 2022
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