Documenting Justice - Archivists and the Fight Against Covert Racism in the Contemporary United States


Christopher Anglim
University of the District of Columbia


Pursuing an archival perspective, this study emphasizes documenting the experiences of activists involved in contemporary social justice movements (such as Black Lives Matter) to develop the historical record more fully, especially the need to include the voices of those from underrepresented groups. This study analyzes how archival practices can help develop and preserve a fuller record of the social justice movements and the ideas of those who fought covert racism both within academic settings and the greater society. To answer our research issues, the study used a literature review and a survey of activists and archival institutions. Our findings establish the value of archival research in academic institutions for students and the community in developing a fuller understanding of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. Therefore, we conclude archives can play a major contribution to the understanding of contemporary social justice movements and to the issues of concern to these movements.

UDC Faculty Senate
September 8, 2022
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