Deep Cement Mixing –The Experience in Tung Chung East Reclamation and Challenges Ahead


Henry Cheung
Sustainable Lantau Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSARG, Hong Kong
C H Yan
Sustainable Lantau Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSARG, Hong Kong
Chris Cheung
AECOM Asia Company Limited, Hong Kong
Anthony Wong
AECOM Asia Company Limited, Hong Kong


Reclamation has been the most tenable land supply in the interest of the public.  Today, around 27% of Hong Kong people are living on reclaimed land formed in the past decades.  Over the past few decades, reclamation methods and ground treatment techniques have been advanced to meet the technical requirements and social acceptance at different times.  In response to the increasing environmental awareness of the public, non-dredged reclamation methods in association with Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) has been introduced in Hong Kong.  Tung Chung East (TCE) reclamation, as one of the ongoing projects adopting this novel technology, has showcased a role model on assimilation and adaptation of this new technology in tackling ever changing challenges in the construction industry.  The success of the project markedly attributes to the application of this new ground treatment technique.

In this paper, some background and geotechnical considerations for the adoption of DCM method and design approach in TCE reclamation will firstly be discussed.  To date, majority of the DCM works have been completed and the reclamation works have been proceeding well.  With the experience acquired and construction data collected at the site specific DCM trial embankment as well as during the construction stage, the merits and benefits of DCM method, in terms of both stability and settlement control, will be highlighted.  More importantly, there has been a lot of precious experience upon construction and the project team has ironed out all these hurdles through adaptation of this technology on site.  There is no doubt that the documentation of all the experience in TCE reclamation could become a great reference for the development of a local guidance for practitioners in Hong Kong and upcoming mega development projects.

September 17, 2022
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