Large Diameter Open-end Steel Piled Foundations for the Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal – Design and Installation


Victor Shea
Arup, Hong Kong
Dazhong Li
Arup, Hong Kong
Dora Shum
Arup, Hong Kong
Freda Chu
Arup, Hong Kong


Large diameter tubular piles are the most common offshore foundation type in the energy sector due to their relatively easy installation compared to other methods, yet local experiences with regards to their design and offshore installation are still limited.  Successful installation of pile foundation on the Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal (HKOLNGT) Project provides valuable experience for future offshore developments in the territory.  Unlike onshore piling works, offshore piling works are heavily limited by the available machinery, site constraints and weather conditions.  This Paper shares the experiences gained on the HKOLNGT Project and draws together solutions to several challenges pertaining to the design and offshore installation of large diameter pile foundations, such as limitations arising from offshore environmental conditions.

September 17, 2022
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