Effectiveness of a Yoga Nidra Meditation on Patient with Psychophysiological Insomnia (PI): A Case Report


Ashwini S Kalsait
Dr Ulhas Patil College of Physiotherapy, Jalgaon
Jaywant M Nagulkar
Dr Ulhas Patil College of Physiotherapy, Jalgaon


Introduction: There is a lack of evidence examining effectiveness of yoga nidra as a non-pharmacological medication as a treatment for psychophysiological insomnia. Aim is to check effect of Yoga Nidra on patient with psychophysiological insomnia.

Method: A 71 -year-old male having psychophysiological insomnia given Yoga Nidra as a medication as a 14-minute audio file for a week at home. Scoring of Regensburg Insomnia Scale (RIS) were taken on first and last session.

Result: There is an improvement in sleep parameters.

Conclusion: This report showed Yoga Nidra as a nonpharmacological medication has favourable enduring benefits for geriatrics suffering from insomnia.

August 19, 2022