Effect of Kinesio Taping as an Adjunct to Strengthening Exercises in Functional Flat Feet


Shweta Pachpute
L.S.F.P.E.F.’S College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi, Pune-44
Pooja Patil
L.S.F.P.E.F.’S College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi, Pune-44



Introduction: Flat feet also known as pes planus or fallen arches. It is a condition in which medial longitudinal arch of the foot, which runs lengthwise along the sole, is lowered or flattened out and this can be due to intrinsic muscle weakness, ligamentous laxity etc. Dr. Kenzo Kase, the creator of kinesio tape, proposed the following mechanisms for the effects: Alters muscle functions by acting on the weakened muscles Repositioning of subluxated joints by relieving abnormal muscle tension and helping to affect the function of fascia and muscle so the need of study is to see the effect of kinesio taping as an adjunct to strengthening exercises in functional flat feet

Methods: Ethical committee approval had taken.30 students were selected according to inclusion criteria and divided into 2 groups. Group A received strengthening exercises and Group B received kinesio taping along with the strengthening exercises for 4 weeks. The values of navicular drop test were taken pre and post 4 weeks of treatment. Statistical analysis was done and results were tabulated.

Results: Both the groups showed improvement in navicular height post treatment but more statistically significant result was found in the Group B individuals treated with kinesio taping along with strengthening exercises

Conclusion: The study concluded that kinesio taping along with the strengthening exercises were found to be more effective on navicular height in functional flat feet aged 18-30 years.

August 19, 2022