Comparison of Direct versus Image Based Foot Posture Index in School Going Children


Jalpa Hardik Parikh
Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad
Yagna Unmesh Shukla
Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad


Introduction: The Foot Posture Index-6 (FPI-6) is a simple quantification tool to assess static foot alignment in children. Palpation of the foot is required for assessment of one of the six criteria that comprise the FPI-6; the remaining five criteria may be evaluated using still-frame photographs. Using only the image-based criteria may allow evaluation of foot posture without going in person for physical checkup. The purpose of the current study was to compare this image based criteria of FPI with direct observation FPI in school going children.

Methods: 38 participants were assessed from different schools of Ahmedabad for the study. Children were evaluated for FPI and scoring of five criteria were done. Three photos with a camera of the medial longitudinal arch, posterior ankle and the talonavicular joint approximately 45° from the posterior calcaneus for both right and left feet were taken. Then assessment of the five image-based criteria of the FPI-6 for both feet were done and scoring was done.

Results: As this is a comparison of two methods, Bland Altman analysis has been performed and bias is almost negligible (mean bias for Lt.FPI – 0.16 and for Rt.FPI 0.03) so both methods are equivalent.

Conclusion: Image based FPI evaluation can be done to assess foot posture evaluation in school going children which can be very useful in current pandemic situation.

August 19, 2022