Immediate Effect of Post Isometric Relaxation Technique versus Reciprocal Inhibition Technique on Hip Adductor Flexibility Among Undergraduate Students in Miraj


Angela Gabriel
College of Physiotherapy, Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Centre, Miraj-416 410
Harshada R. Patil
College of Physiotherapy, Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Centre, Miraj-416 410


Background: An inadequate level of flexibility of the hip adductor muscles is one of the most critical risk factors for chronic groin pain and strains. Despite the known benefits of regular physical activity, research shows a significant decline in physical activity participation and an increase in sedentary behaviour during young adulthood during the college years. It has been illustrated that those who have insufficient flexibility in the hip adductor muscles are more prone to suffer a muscle strain. In women, the rate of hip flexor strains was 1.59 per 10,000 AEs, and the rate of hip adductor strains was 1.15 per 10,000 AEs. Studies have shown that Muscle energy technique has an immediate effect on the flexibility on major muscles.

Methodology: Participants were briefed about the nature of the study and intervention. Their informed written consent was taken. Participants were randomly divided into two groups with n=17 in each group. Group A received Post-isometric relaxation technique while group B received Reciprocal inhibition technique. Immediate results were taken.

Outcome Measures: Prior and after the treatment Passive hip abduction test outcome measure was measured.

Results: The statistical analysis using Mann Whitney test proved that the between group effects for both Group A and B was statistically significant with p value of 0.002 and 0.001.

Conclusion: From the mean difference values it is visible that PIR (40.79) is slightly more effective than RI (36.29) although statistically significant difference is not seen. The comparison aim of the study is inclusive, hence stating both the techniques to be effective and beneficial for hip adductor flexibility.

August 19, 2022