Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Training on Dynamic Balance and Smash Stroke Performance in Badminton Players: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Shriya Jitendra Sharma
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N-6 Cidco, Aurangabad- 431003
Sarath V
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N-6 Cidco, Aurangabad- 431003


Introduction: Badminton players should possess different skills such as quick change in position in the court and rapid arm movement according to opponent’s shot with variety of postural position. Neuromuscular training focuses on combination of balance, strength, plyometric, agility and sports specific exercise. So, it is necessary to intervene neuromuscular training to badminton players for their betterment in court.

Methods: It is a double blinded Randomized Controlled Trial, 54 subjects were recruited and divided into two equal groups using block randomization. Subjects were included according to the inclusion criteria. Informed consent was taken before starting of study then the procedure was explained to the subjects. Subjects in the experimental group received Neuromuscular training program for 3 days a week for total 6 weeks.

Results: Y-balance test showed significant improvement (p 0.0001) in both groups, however the improvement in experimental group was superior to control group. Also, there was significant improvement in smash velocity and accuracy in experimental group.

Conclusion: The result of study concluded that Neuromuscular training can significantly improve dynamic balance and smash stroke performance in young badminton players.

August 19, 2022