Comparison between Stretching and Positional Release Technique of Scapular Muscles on the Lateral Scapular Slide and Functional Upper Extremity Test in Overhead Athletes with Scapular Dyskinesis: An Experimental Study


Shweta Ashok Sonone
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N6 Cidco, 431003, Aurangabad, India
Sarath.V Babu
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N6 Cidco, 431003, Aurangabad, India


Introduction: The overhead throwing motion is a highly skilled movement that requires flexibility, coordination, synchronization, muscular strength, and neuromuscular control while being performed at a high pace. The throwing motion puts a lot of strain on the shoulder joint Scapular dyskinesis, or a change in dynamic scapular control is found in as many as 67 percent to 100 percent of athletes who suffer from shoulder problems. Short pectoralis minor and upper trapezius muscles could impede normal scapular mobility during arm elevation, resulting in an anteriorly tilted, internally rotated, and elevated scapula. Study of the effect of pectoralis minor and upper trapezius muscle lengths on scapular dyskinesis is necessary to facilitate the development of possible treatments for these individuals.

Methodology: It is an experimental study. 36 subjects were recruited in the study and divided into two equal groups using a simple random lottery system. Subjects were included according to the inclusion criteria. Informed consent was taken before starting of study then the procedure was explained to the subjects. The subjects group received a program for 3 days a week for a total of 4 weeks. Group A received positional release technique and group B received stretching.

Results: Following the 4-week intervention program, the positional released technique showed more improvement in length and tightness of pectoralis minor p-value of right 0.005 and left 0.009, in upper trapezius right 8 and left 8 with the p-value proving it to be significant in positional release technique group.

Conclusion: The result of the study concluded that positional release technique is more effective than stretching in overhead athletes with scapular dyskinesis.

August 19, 2022