Effect of Conventional Therapy versus Core Muscle Training in Subjects with Hyperlordotic Posture in Chronic Low Back Pain


Priyanaka Iyer
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N-6 Cidco, Aurangabad
Sanket Mungikar
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N-6 Cidco, Aurangabad
Vidhi Bhanushali
MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, N-6 Cidco, Aurangabad


Background: Prevalence of chronic low back pain is 30-85% in worldwide. Low back pain patients have weak abdominal core muscles, so with simultaneous contraction of the diaphragm, the pelvic floor muscle, and the abdominal muscles increases intra-abdominal pressure & provides a rigid cylinder for trunk support which helps in maintaining stability and decreases the load on the spine. The purpose of the study was to find the effect of core activation program in hyper-lordotic posture in chronic low back pain (CLBP) so that incidence of low back pain can be prevented in the future

Methodology: 40 patients with CLBP between the age group of 20-40 years were recruited from MGM College of Physiotherapy based on inclusion criteria. Participants were divided into 2 groups: group A (IFT), group B (IFT+ Core). They were assessed for the following parameters before and after intervention: VAS, McGill Core endurance test (the trunk anterior flexor test, the right and left lateral plank and trunk posterior extensor test) and time was recorded in seconds.

Result: In the current study there was significant decrease in the pain level seen in both groups (p=0.001) for VAS score, increase in flexor endurance test (p=0.05) in Group A p= (0.0003) in Group B. Significant changes was seen in right & left side plank test in Group B p= (0.03), p= (0.01) than that of Group A p= (0.88) & p= (0.75). Significant change was found in Group B extensor test p= (0.0002) than Group A p= (0.87) post one week.

Conclusion: The present study concludes that addition of core muscle strength training is more effective than conventional therapy alone in subjects with chronic low back pain and hyperlordotic posture.

August 19, 2022