Multi Warhead Multi Shells System (MWMSS) of Missile Defense System


Shibu Debnath Ovi
CCER Polytechnic Institute, Narayangonj
Rajib Mondal
CCER Polytechnic Institute, Narayangonj, Bangladesh
Ayesha Siddika
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, World University of Bangladesh, 17 Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh


This project aims to develop missile systems & systematic analysis of Missile guidance and control. Disclose to some systems which develop limitation and according to a few methods. In this paper, Discussion about this method and we convert this method to algorithm. This system have designed for ensure highly intelligent activists of the missile system. Missile systems depend on software based automatic systems and this software follows some systematic intelligence algorithm. So algorithm & technical steps affect this main Missile guidance & controlling system. Following the Spiral model for the entire project work. Project manager employ of this model for the design, project planning, system implementation and achievement of their project goals. We describe our analysis, problem detection from real phenomena & these problems have solved by new designs & new development analytical systems. We have described our plans and have detected problems for the solution from these phenomena. It works with the Main Missile Guidance and Control System. This is called, Multi Warhead Multi Shell System (MWMSS). In simple terms, have some multiple mini missiles set in big missiles. Main Missile Guidance and Control System works main activities and this MWMSS adds a special advantage.

February 14, 2022
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