Control performance and THD Analysis of SPWM based Three Phase Single Stage Mini Grid Tie Inverter Applications


Md. Istianatur Rahman
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, World University of Bangladesh, Avenue 6 Lake Drive Uttara Sector 17H


Safe energy option can be offered in power system by introducing the concept of distributed generation system that contains grid tie inverter. However, the efficiency and performance is still under research since the control structure is a significant part for this kind of system. A simple modeling and current control strategy has been proposed in this paper for an 11kV mini grid application. First of all the control strategy has been proposed for SPWM single stage inverter by which the DC components of grid current has been minimized. Moreover, the grid voltage and inverter’s output current phase difference has been minimized using PLL and PI controller. And finally Total Harmonic Distortion is calculated which came 2.03%.

February 14, 2022
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