Review of the Linear Electrical Generator for Electricity Generation from the Oceanic Wave


Selim Molla
Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Textiles Engineering College, & B Road, Barisal-8200
Omar Farrok
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh


The fossil fuel based generation of electricity is very harmful for the environment due to emission of greenhouse gas. In order to avoid the problem, the tendency of renewable energy utilization is urgently required to increase. At present, there are different types of renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal etc. popularly applied to generate electricity. Besides, oceanic wave energy becomes much popular day by day due to having some special features. For harvesting energy, linear electrical generator is widely applied for wave energy conversion. In this paper, electricity generation system in Bangladesh is presented. Further, a comparison among solar, wind, and oceanic wave energy is presented. It is shown that oceanic wave energy has many advantages than solar and wind energy. For this reason, the generation of electricity from this source is highlighted. In addition, the oceanic wave energy conversion system is also explained. Further, the basic structure and working principle of linear generator, list of wave energy projects, and development progress of linear generator have been presented.

February 14, 2022
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