Smart Solar Data-Logger System


Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Leading University, Ragib Nagar, Sylhet 3112
Tamanna Hossain
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Leading University, Ragib Nagar, Sylhet 3112


This paper depicts the modeling of hardware and software integration of a smart solar-data logger system (SSDLS). It is principally fabricated for Photo Voltaic (PV) module designers, who can gather essential data from these devices and store data in a cloud network. Solar energy is a dependable renewable energy source that is both ecologically efficacious and capable of alleviating the power shortage. For the prototype designing, a 20-watt PV array is used to convert the sunlight to DC. Arduino UNO is used as a controller of this device. The voltage sensor senses the DC voltage, and the temperature sensor senses the temperature of the PV array. Collected essential data is displayed in LCD as well as stored in the memory unit. The real- time clock is used for showing the exact date and time. These essential data can also find in cloud networks. An external DC power supply is added for biasing the Arduino circuit.

February 14, 2022
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