Online Private Tutor Finder System Using PHP


Mousumi Aktar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Techno College of Engineering, Agartala
Dipa Das
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Techno College of Engineering, Agartala


Background: The system of private tuition has been in existence in India for a long time but in recent times it has grown manifold affecting the very core of educational system. The system will help to find tuition teachers from nearby locations. [1] It consequently requires and in-depth knowledge of a specific subject. [2] These studies must pursue theoretical. [3] Comprehensively explain and understand the problems of complex and dynamic reality.

Objectives: The objective of tutor finder is a tool to assist the students/ parents to find Private Tutor in an interactive manner. It aims to complement the efforts of students to find a desirable teacher. It is a plan action based on the relationship between a tutor and students. We forecast the next 20 days and visualized the result.

Methodology: The methodology used in this php hardware requirement i3 processor-based computer or higher memory: 1GB, internet connection, software requirement: windows 7or higher Google chrome browser. In Next days the research process adapts to the approach of being repercussive and reflexive interaction with participants.

Result and discussion: it is expected to teach that suit their skill. Finally, students will give the review and rating to recommend another student about the tutor that teaches them Garr, G M (2001) A Dynamic model for aligning supervisory with research student development. Conclusions and Future Work: admin will register tutor and credential will be shared with e-mails parents can register and login tutors can be viewed by parents. They need to set their profile this private tuition can help the tutor to get student and parents to the best learning.

January 28, 2022