Role of Internet Media in Making the Editorial of Newspapers Useful to the Public


Bimlesh Kumar
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central University of Himachal Pradesh Dharmshala
Ravi Kumar Goan
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IEC University, Baddi, Solan, H.P.


Background: Newspapers are the voice of the society. It is the powerful voice of the entire society including the oppressed and helpless of the society. Each section of the society has strong platforms with a holistic view. Editorial writing is the heart of newspapers. By integrating its editorial issues, the editor presents the writing of the editorial with his working style and sane thinking among the society and the readers. Editorial writing is a scientifically infused purposeful writing skill with art. Society expects a lot from newspapers. Newspapers also have some basic duties and responsibilities. The newspaper is responsible for its responsibility and duty from time to time. All kinds of activities of the society go on in the editor's mind in the form of different thoughts. The editor, through his editorial writing, organizes all the burning issues of the society and fulfils his work towards the society by giving it a place in the editorial writing. In this view, the media plays an important role in bringing the editors of newspapers to the general public. Newspapers play a big role in bringing editorial writings related to different types of issues to the masses. Today the media has given birth to many new mediums. It depends on the individual and the society that in what form, how he uses those mediums of information system. Today the utility of information media is very important. The media plays an important role in bringing the editorial content of newspapers to the general public. What is the role of media in making the content of the editor of newspapers useful to the public and how, how, in what form? It will be studied in this research paper. The research method contents analysis will be used for this study.

Research methodology-In the above research, the method of content analysis will be used, through the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, an attempt will be made to reach the original conclusion of the research.

Research objective

  1. What is the role of media in the acquisition of information or how do people communicate with each other?
  2. What is the use of media in successful and objective complementary communication and how is it successful, what is the effect of its merits and demerits on society?

Results and Discussions-Communication is the basic need of every person. Careful use of mediums is very important in purposeful and correct communication, so after observing the role of proper media along with its merits and demerits, make full use of all the mediums including the Internet. can be made useful This research will be effective in the direction of making the use of Internet media for communication simple and easy, along with the introduction of Internet medium will play an important role in the direction of being more conscious and aware.

January 28, 2022