Internet of Nano Things


Srirupa Datta Choudhury
Khanchanpur Degree College, Khanchanpur, Dharmanagar, North Tripura


Background: Nanotechnology provides new solutions for numerous applications that have a significant effect on almost every aspect of our community including health monitoring, agriculture, military, smart cities and industry. The interconnection of nanoscale devices with existing communication networks over the internet defines a novel networking paradigm called internet of Nano Things (IONT). The popularity of the Internet of Things (IOT) is increasing every day. The IOT has the capability to connect and communicate all objects around us over the internet using either wired or wireless networks.

Objectives: To evaluate the challenges and opportunities of the IONT system in various applications. An overview of the IONT with its communications types is first introduced. This is followed by a discussion of the network architecture of the IONT and various applications that benefit from integrating IOT with nanotechnology. At the end, Security is considered to be one of the main issues of the IONT system, we provide an in-depth discussion on security goals, attack vectors and security challenges of the IONT system. Here I also discuss about various ethical issues of this system.

Methodology: The method of this study is analytic. Here I shall discuss different benefit and limitations of IONT system.

Results and discussion: The opportunities and applications of IONT are countless; there is a need to integrate hardware and software solutions to the existing setup in a seamless manner to address challenges facing its positive deployment, especially for security issues.

Conclusions: and future work: It is very helpful for our prosperity in many fields. But we have to use it in a proper way and try to save it from misuse. This system may apply for different security work. If we apply it in health issues, agricultural issues and another field it will be helpful.

January 28, 2022