Role of Internet Medium in Giving New Direction to Hindi


Ravi Kumar Goan
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IEC University, Baddi, Solan, H.P.
Bimlesh Kumar
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central University of Himachal Pradesh Dharmshala


Background: Today the world is progressing day by day. Internet network is spread all over. With just one click of you on the Internet, the whole world seems open in front of you. You can take a walk wherever you want. Today we know internet by names like online, cyber etc. Internet facility was obtained in India in the year 1990. World Wide Web (www) was started in 1992. The initial phase of the Internet in India came from the English magazine 'The Hindu' published from Chennai, whose Internet edition was released in 1995. Hindi dominance in India Google News, Yahoo, SMS, NDTV, BBC, Hindi Jagran, Bhadas for Media, Blog Prahari, Media Manch, IBN 7, Star, Aaj Tak etc. can be seen in the medium. There are some such Hindi media journalism sites on the Internet such as spokesperson, Janokti, Mohalla Live, Tevar, Ravivar, Hastkshep, Wab Duniya, Chauthi Duniya, Janmat, Rainbow and Tehelka etc. are prominent. Around the 90s, major Hindi dailies brought out their wave version. In the year 1997 Dainik Jagran, in 1998 Amar Ujala Amar, Dainik Bhaskar Dainik, in 1999 Web etc. made their Web Portal. Nai Duniya newspaper launched the first Hindi web portal named 'Web Duniya'. There are some major dailies whose service has increased the phenomenal name of Hindi such as Bhaskar, Rashtriya Sahara, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Tribune, Amar Ujala, Rajasthan Patrika, Nav Bharat Times, Hindi Milap, Nai Duniya, Swatantra Chetna, Prabha Sakshi, There are Aaj Tak, NDTV, CNVC, Awaaz, Total TV, IBN 7 etc. In the present information etc, the nature of media has changed completely. On one hand, where people use the mediums according to their own way to get information, on the other hand, for the sake of accessibility, they convey their words to the people through Hindi medium. Today the revolution of mass communication has got a new dimension with the advent of the Internet. Basically, Hindi is a better medium to get clean and best ideas. Today internet has established the whole world as a global village. Today the Internet has played its important role in making various mediums of Hindi communication easily accessible to the common people. In the modern era, the Internet has constituted a new definition of communication media. There has been a change in both its speed and form. In the future, the Internet will be as important for humans as food is necessary for humans to live. Today, the knowledge of Hindi is available in front of us through various means of information system. Internet journalism has played an important role in increasing the ambition of Hindi in the whole world through all its mediums and style of work.

Methodology: To make the research paper clear and concise, various methods related to research have been used like historical, social, comparative, descriptive and analytical method etc.

Objective of Research Paper & Conclusion: The purpose of this research paper is that today the importance of Hindi has increased a lot in the world of internet. Internet is such a medium, due to which any person can express his abilities, can give him a wider dimension and Hindi is a very big platform in fulfilling this task. Today, in this era of globalization, the Internet has prepared such a vast platform for the development of the person, from where the person can climb the stairs of progress and Hindi can have a big place in it. Today the importance of Hindi can be seen on the Internet. The present era is the era of industrial revolution. All the companies of the world want to establish their industry in the country of India, their progress is possible only when they will assimilate the soul of India i.e. Hindi. Today, people of corporate world are using Hindi to increase their importance and this is a great achievement of Hindi language. Today, the role of the Internet in increasing Hindi on the path of progress cannot be denied.

January 28, 2022