Novel Secure Routing Protocol for Detecting and Preventing Sybil Attack


Shankar M. Sawant
Department of Computer Engineering, Shivaji Polytechnic College Sangola
Vikas T. Ligade
Department of Computer Engineering Shivaji Polytechnic College Sangola


Secure communication network is the demand of today’s transportation due to excess number of vehicles and limitation to the existing communication protocol. This Paper discusses the secure communication protocol between the vehicles and the detection and prevention of the Sybil attack. Fake node request, multiple routing entries these are the common example of Sybil attack which can be detected and prevented using existing proposed method. Virtual nodes are created and messages are sent to nodes. The proposed method detects the identity of received message and number of fake entries of that particular massage in the routing buffer. If messages are validated then communication is possible otherwise request is terminated. Results showed that the existing proposed method is able to detect and prevent Sybil attack by maintaining single node identity.

December 14, 2021
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