On-Line Signature Verification


Swati M. Patil
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Karmayogi Engg. College,Shelve, Pandharpur
Poonam V. Gaikwad
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sveri’s COEP, Pandharpur


In this paper, we are going to propose a new technique for On-Line signature based on global n local features. In general, shape of an on-line signature is used as a single discriminating feature. Sometimes shape of signature is used alone for verification purposes and sometimes it is used in combination with some other dynamic features such as velocity, pressure and entropy. In proposed system shape of signature is examined using Edge-Detection Algorithm (EDA), pressure points are calculated using Pressure Points Allocation using Clustering (PPAC). So the overall process can be thought as the process is signature examination based on shape and pressure points in combination with entropy and velocity and it performs verification on each partition separately. Finally, the signature is classified as genuine or a forgery.

December 14, 2021
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