Bluetooth Based Smart Automation System Using Android


Swati M. Patil
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Karmayogi Engg. College,Shelve, Pandharpur
Poonam V. Gaikwad
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sveri’s COEP, Pandharpur


The word automation is automatic control of operating devices with minimal or reduced human efforts. Influence of wireless technology is growing day by day. In today’s world, wireless technology doing significant role in the automation. It means automation makes technology free from human interruption. Home automation is one of the technology emerging these days. To make it more effective and efficient, cost is reduced by low cost communication technology like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is wireless technology to use in home automation. It is no operational cost technique, common in use and working in range up to 100 meters [2]. Bluetooth which is mainly used for data exchange, add new features to smartphones. With help of android application we are able to connect and control household appliances and provide security to handicapped, old people.

The idea of paper is to control home appliances like lights, fan. It also provides home security and emergency alerts to be activated. It is possible to save energy by auto off lights at night time. Smoke detector can detect smoke or gas leak condition, causing alerts to user on their smartphone. Our home automation works smartly by providing increased quality of life, and comforts to users.

December 14, 2021
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