Denial-of-Service Attack Detection using multivariate Correlation Information Based SVM Method


Prajakta P. Solankar
Department of Computer Science, Karmayogi engineering college, Shelve,Pandharpur
Jaymala K. Hipparkar
Department of Computer Science, Karmayogi engineering college, Shelve, Pandharpur


Now day’s network technology is developing rapidly and the network security is important issue. DoS attack is serious threat in network. Denial of service attack forces victim machine out of service several days or few minutes. DoS attack degrades the system performance. This paper constitutes detecting denial of service attack using Multivariate correlation analysis technique. This approach is used to characterize the features of network traffic.This MCA method consists of Triangular area determination methodology for correlation analysis. Normalization is used before this process to remove the bias from data .Normalization technique has greater impact on the performance.

December 14, 2021
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