Development of Hybrid Electric Bicycle using Stirling Engine


Yogesh S. Shete
Department of Mechanical Engineering, FTC, COER, Sangola
S. A. Pawar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, FTC, COER, Sangola


In India, these days, the solicitation for electric bicycles continues expanding step by step. Be that as it may, as indicated by the office foundation and in contemplations of India's best electric bikes, it is nearly difficult to utilize such electric bicycles for long excursions till today. Likewise, such bicycles set aside an excess of effort to get completely energized. To limit these downsides, we will see an idea of the crossover bike utilizing the Stirling Engine in this paper. The fundamental explanation for choosing the Stirling motor is, it is eco-accommodating and doesn't need a particular warmth source as a fuel. In straight words, this idea has a place in the law of energy preservation. This paper includes the concept, functions, and testing of the developed model along with an explanation of various tests performed to calibrate the performance.

December 14, 2021
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