Review Paper on Grease Lubrication Considering Effect of Solid Contaminant in Lubrication on Vibration Response of Roller Bearing


V. B. Pandhare
Mechanical Department, SKNSCOE Korti (Pandharpur), Solapur University
S. S. Kulkarni
Mechanical Department, SKNSCOE Korti (Pandharpur), Solapur University


Grease lubrication is typically useful to rolling contact bearings. The stableness of grease prevents it from leaking out of any quite of bearing, makes it very easy to use, and should provide it high-quality quality sealing properties. The same stability prevents an optimal lubrication on bearing performance. The majority of the grease is brief of out of the cage of bearing through the primary phase of bearing operation and not dynamically participates within the lubrication process, leaving only a partial quantity available, which is stored within the bearing geometry and on the bearing, shoulders covers or seals. This stored volume strongly determines the remaining lubrication process within the ball bearing. The distribution of this volume is about by the lubricating grease flow, which is extremely complex to know due to the strong nonlinear rheology. Grease process has self healing properties where fresh grease is supplied just in case of film breakdown and self induced heat development. To affect this problem, a non invasive technique like vibration measurement is used for monitoring the performance of machines. This review paper describes the effect of lubricant contamination by solid on the dynamic behaviour of rolling bearing, to figure out the trends within the vibrations of the bearing. Review of paper is made with roller bearings lubricated with contaminated lubricant and healthy grease lubricant. Solid contaminate in three concentration levels and three grain sizes are wont to contaminate the lubricated grease. Vibrations generated during the working of bearing because of contaminants in lubricant are monitor within the terms of the source mean square and crest amplitude values by means of FFT analyzer. The results of contaminant on bearing vibration are considered for both good and defective bearings. The results show remarkable vibration in RMS velocity values on varying the contaminants concentration and grain size.

December 14, 2021
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