A Positive Response to Urban Ecological Aspects Around an Urban Pond Through Urban Design Guidelines


Lakshmi S Shaji
Department of Architecture, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala, India


Cities are growing at a phenomenal pace and the speed has created a huge gap between the urban dwellers and nature. Though development of cities are driven by many economic factors and ecological driving factors are acknowledged in recent times, water resources still lack importance. The significance of urban water bodies are mainly in two ways: one is to help the survival of the water dependent ecosystem and landscape and the other is to recharge the water beneath the ground. Since ancient times water had a great role in human culture in many ways through rituals and lifestyle, especially in India. Creating huge man made reservoirs, for agriculture and day to day uses. Unfortunately, in recent times anthropogenic activities have created the worst phase of degradation of natural resources and mainly water. So as an urban designer there is a great social responsibility and commitment for building up a better and healthy city have a key role in integrating such natural resources positively with the newly heading urbanized world.In this study an attempt to make a qualitative analysis of  the current scenario of urban ponds in Trivandrum has been made.

April 11, 2021
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