A Review on sustainable reuse of dredged sediments in earthwork infrastructures


Athira S
Department of Civil Engineering, Govt. Engineering College Thrissur
Subaida E.A
Department of Civil Engineering, Govt. Engineering College Thrissur


Earth structures like embankments involve the use of a huge quantity of soil. Major sources of borrow soil are natural hills and embankments which are to be preserved to prevent structural instability and environmental problems. Bulk quantities of soil are dredged out from various waterfront projects, but poor engineering properties limit their use in construction projects. Stabilization of sediments with suitable reagents to use in embankment construction is considered a sustainable approach. With this motive, many studies are being conducted focusing on finding solutions to propose a sustainable alternative for earthwork infrastructural materials. Latest studies are developing engineering improvement of dredged sediments as a solution for the scarcity of earthen resources for construction. The purpose of this paper is to review the results of testing conducted on dredged sediment and their suitability in construction application when stabilized with cementitious materials, the effect of variation of cementitious materials on stiffness improvement of dredge soil, and application efficiency in the reuse of sediments in earthwork infrastructural projects such as highways, railways, and other construction projects.

April 11, 2021
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