Identification of Attributes Based on TQM Principles Influencing Construction Quality in STP Project


Krishna B. Chavan
M.Tech Student (Construction Management), College of Engineering, Pune, India
N. A. Hedaoo
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Pune, India


TQM is a management philosophy where every individual working in an ideal environment towards a common goal, continuously improving the processes and in turn improving the quality of product or process. An important factor for the success of an organization in implementing TQM is its ability to translate, integrate, and ultimately implement TQM behaviors into everyday practice on the job. This study was initially conducted by investigating the quality affecting factors (attributes) from different pieces of literature on quality performances and understanding the concept of total quality management. The questions in this questionnaire are distributed among the different phases that take place during the construction. Factor analysis involved identifying a total of 55 attributes that belonged to the different phases of construction, these factors were then distributed into critical success and failure attributes based on data analysis. These critical attributes affect the Quality performance in the construction of the STP project. The study included a questionnaire survey considering all the main attributes and it was sent out to all construction related project participants. Relative significance of success and failure attributes in the construction of STP projects as understood by the construction professionals, owners, and contractors was obtained. Data collection of this study involved the collection of the responses based on the 5 points Likert scale. The survey data has analyzed by using the Relative importance index (RII) method. The research finding assists the project participants to give the information about the critical attributes, this will help in improving the quality of construction of STP as well as the overall performance of the project.

April 11, 2021
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