Response Spectrum Analysis of Multi Storied Building on Sloping Ground with Ground, Middle and Top Soft Storey


Shankar H. Sanni
Dept. of Civil Engg., BEC., Bagalkot
Ratnakala. S. Bidreddy
Dept. of Civil Engg., BEC., Bagalkot


In the concrete era of construction activities, there is scarcity of land especially in metro cities. Even though if there is availability of land it may in the sloping ground, hillocks or on land filled areas, in such areas there will be difficulty in the construction and design aspects. To maintain the slope of the strata, different degrees of such buildings step back towards the slanting slope and may likewise also have set back simultaneously. Hence in the present paper, an attempt has been made to study, G+12 storey building assumed to be in flat ground and also on sloping ground with 20 degree inclination. The model considered to be a soft storey with infill walls and two different shear wall arrangements. The building has been modelled in ETABS software with response spectrum method of analysis. The study reveals that model with shear wall improves the performance of the structure in terms of displacement, drift and time period apart from the fact that the structure being constructed in normal ground or sloping ground.

April 11, 2021
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