Correlation analysis of soil sediments in industrial area of East Godavari region


D. Sravani
Assistant professor of chemistry, Aditya college of engineering and technology, Surampalem, Kakinada


Soil is important source for agriculture, industrial and domestic purpose. In modern urbanization and industrialization, the soils in the cities are polluted and becoming unfit for growth of flora and existence of fauna effecting the biodiversity. The objective of my study to analyze the soil sediments collected from industrial area of east Godavari region near Kakinada and correlate with different parameter like PH, TDS, EC, Cl, Ca2+, Mg2+, and total hardness of soil sediments from few areas from industries. The analyzed samples revealed that the soil is polluted more one area S-7 and ground water of the these is polluted more than other areas.  this data helps to do evaluate the soil which is highly polluted near industrial area of East Godavari region and measures to be taken by the govt to decrease the pollution in these areas.

March 16, 2021