Recycling of Textile Waste Materials-An Overview


MBA Apparel Management, University of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Textile and Apparel industry is among the most essential consumer goods industry. However, textile industry is accused of being one of the most polluting industries. Not only production but consumption of textiles also produces waste. To counter the problem, textile industry has taken many measures for reducing its negative contribution towards environment. One of such measures is textile recycling- the reuse as well as reproduction of fibers from textile waste. Recycling can be done through thermal, material, chemical and mechanical processes. Textile recycling is beneficial for environmental and economic conditions, reducing demand for textile chemicals; requirement tofl and fill space is reduced consumption of less energy and reducing of water wastage. Market research and efforts are needed to increase consumer awareness and to encourage manufacturers to increase the use of recycled textile was tein to new products. The increase in demand and consumption for textiles is a result for global population growth and the living standards improvement.

February 6, 2021