Qualitative Perspective of live VM migration techniques in Cloud Computing


Garima Verma
DIT University, Dehradun, INDIA
Sandhya Adhikari
DIT University, Dehradun, INDIA


Cloud Computing becomes the most reckless developing computing platform which is known as the future of distributed computing. Virtual Machine (VM) is one of the important part of the cloud computing concept. For various type of goals the VMs needs to be migrated from one place to another with in data centre or out of data centre, such as – load balancing, fault tolerance or energy consumption, etc. Live migration is a technique of migrating VM from source to destination in running stage, in result it gives high availability of services. The main objective of this paper is to provide the exhaustive review of literature to analyse the proposed methods of VM migration, purpose and their findings.

ICAMCS19 Cover Page
August 8, 2020
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